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Capabilities and Industries

CVX Instruments, LLC

CVX Instruments, LLC excels at designing custom electromechanical instruments for applications where off-the-shelf components do not exist or cannot perform to the required specifications. Slip rings are the most common application CVX Instruments, LLC can assist with, but other common applications include position sensors, and force or torque sensing devices. Our services include design and development, prototyping, and manufacturing.


Slip rings are ideal for making reliable connections to rotating devices and sensors. Applications include mechanical devices, such as solenoids, actuators, or motors; electrical devices such as heaters or PCBs;  sensors, such as stain gauges, thermocouples, or accelerometers; and communication interfaces, such as ethernet, CAN, or analog. When such equipment is rotating in critical applications, such as aerospace, it is important to form a robust connection with a reliable slip ring tailored for your application. Off-the-shelf slip rings may work in some scenarios, but for best reliability, it is important to consider the unique operating parameters of each situation.

At CVX Instruments, LLC we know that getting accurate measurements can be a challenge. Each application presents its own unique environment and conditions, so our team has developed methods of creating custom force and torque sensing devices for any application. We stand by our quality and expertise to deliver superior measurement solutions. 


Soldering (hand and reflow) per J-STD-001

Laser engraving

Custom machining and fabrication

Assembly services

Cable and wiring harnesses

Flexible circuitry